The Disabled War Veterans' Association of Finland was established in 1940 as a joint voluntary association for the care and fraternal support of disabled war veterans. Of the approximately
96 000 war veterans who were permanently disabled in our wars of 1939-1945, about 900 are still alive today and their average age is 96 years. The Association also takes care of disabled war veterans' spouses and widows.
Some of the Association's most important tasks are to improve statutory treatment and compensation cover as well as to ensure the continuity of counseling services. At present, the Association is especially committed to providing support to enable war veterans and their spouses and their widows to live at home by organizing home help services and repairing residences that are in poor condition. Altogether nearly 1 000 disabled war veterans, spouses and widows receive home care through the Association's assistance project.


Disabled war veterans´ of south Ostrobothnia area was established practically 1.11.1942. Our area is the largest of Finland´s 18th area. At the end of year 2020 we had 58 disabled war veterans, 15 spouses, 326 widows and 459 support members. Every year about 25 % of our members pass away. Our main tasks are to provide support to our members to live at home as long as possible. Our association´s assistance work employs 8 assists and it has about 220 clients.

Another task is to organize variation to our members' normal life. We organize for example trips to church events. In our area we have 13 local units. Those units have their own administration and they provide help with their own resources. Units offer to their members' house cleaning, massage, foot care and financial support to health care expenses.

- To increase the well-being of our clients
- To increase the functional independence of our clients in their everyday lives
- To increase their ability to control their own life

- Respect for those who have defended our independence, autonomy and freedom
- Responsibility for our clients and ourselves
- Work derived from the clients´ needs, equity and equality
- Competence and professionalism, continuous development